COVID-19 Ain't Gonna Tax Me!

I am hosting a webinar on FRIDAY 4/03/20!!!

 I will be talking all about the new CARES act that was recently passed and how it effects you and your taxes.


Emergency Cash Flow Plan

I am hosting a webinar on FRIDAY 3/27/20!!!

 At the end of the webinar you will know:
- How to prioritize your temporary income shortage.
- Can you, should you, and how do you file for unemployment.
- How to handle loan payments, credit card payments, mortgages, and other debt payments still due.
- Manage your money and cash flow during these trying times
- Budgeting during this crisis for an unknown duration
- How to shift your business to deliver your valuable services through technology 


Tech Breakthrough Summit

UPCOMING: 3/30/20-3/31/20

I will be speaking at this summit centered around tech and how to master it in your business!


Authority and Influence Summit

Speaker featured at an online summit that helps you to position yourself as the Authority and Influencer in your niche. 


Know the Name: Know the Answers

I was recently able to go on my good friend, Sharón Lynn Wyeth's podcast. We talk all about taxes and how to utilize strategy to your best advantage.